Mid-Morning Coffee

Just like your second cup of coffee this song is up lifting and toe tapping! And of course watch the music video as well. The art work used in the video is by Cynthia M. Gayton. and as you could figure out, yes I did the track. So below the video is the track on soundcloud.


Is this a dream or some kind of reality

Using chroma depth 3D glasses, don’t let the campy-ness fool you. This piece starts with grabbing the viewers attention. Then a multi colored event followed by a out door experience. The purpose of this piece is to ponder the question is this a dream or is this reality. Enjoy!

2015 year in review

This Video is from sequence photos that were turned into video. These videos make up a review of things I did over the past year 2015. So sit back and enjoy the highlights of my year past. So with that enjoy and have a great year!