For every one you have I’ve got two

For every one you have I've got two


Catalog poses


Showing off his karate moves to a passing runner

I was recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award

 I was recently nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award from Angry Pear. I am appreciative that Angry Pear would consider me for this award. If you haven’t seen Angry Pear’s work you should right now! I can’t remember when I first came across Angry Pear’s postings, but ever since that day, Angry Pear has put a smile on my face. Thank you, Angry Pear!

And here’s a little something about myself. Going to an art supply store is like going to a candy shop for me! When I was eight, I thought I was going to be an astronaut. (I guess a scenic artist is close enough)   I draw or sketch for two hours a day every day.  I love my Intuos 4. I have yet to see the movie Water World. I wish I had a go-kart. My favorite brush is an outdoor use push broom.

And here are fifteen blogs I highly nominate for the Versatile Blogger Award:

These are not in any order

Arica stuff

Chi chi artworks


Aaron Leaman

Graphic Design and stuff

Pimp Daddy love Muffin



South African Oil Painting

Over Coopd

Heavenly Art Co

Tentacles Daily

Rajiv Dasan

Yes Buts

Christopher Lisle