50 Hands the music video

This little music video feels Psychedelic and free as you start to fly in space with a soak puppet or two. So sit back and enjoy this free flow dance-in video!

New Chroma 3D video for you!

Hey enjoy this new video I made! This video is part of an on going series of perception in 3D that I’m working on!  You can view it without the Chroma 3D glasses but, the glasses make it more awesome!!!


New chroma 3D video

So I just finished up a new video. It’s made up of 5 of videos I just decided to make it one long video (7 minutes and 40 seconds) long why not. The music I made as well.This video project fits into a larger one that includes painting done in the chroma 3D glasses style. So sit back and enjoy the sights and sounds!


Shapes in space video

Hey there everybody! I just recently made this! If you have chromaDepth 3D glasses go get them and put them on and enjoy Shapes in space!



A promo I did for Steam at Harper’s Ferry

Here’s a promo video that  I did in After Effects  for Steam at Harper’s Ferry, an art gallery in Harper’s Ferry WV, for the next gallery opening this weekend! Enjoy!


Travels in Time

This is a promo video I did for Steam at Harper’s Ferry, a Steampunk themed art gallery. Oh and I didn’t have anything to do with the music. enjoy